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The Frenzied Mind

My original post for today was going to be about getting good sleep. And that post is still coming soon but I realized that anxiety is high at the beginning of this year. So many concerns and things to do.

The frenzied mind. If we’re being honest, I think we’ve all been there. We have what feels to be a gazillion tasks to accomplish NOW! To-do lists, messages, texts, emails reminding us, reaching out to us, vying for our attention. Clients, customers, co-workers, bosses, employees, teachers, spouses, children, furbabies that need us more and now. All that and our mind is spinning, anxiously jumping from idea to idea, all obligations weighing heavy. It’s just not a good place to be. In addition to feeling less than great, we’re usually completely ineffective so our anxiety is further fueled. So what is some first aid for the frenzied mind.

What seems to help:

  • Meditation in any form.
  • Breathing exercises or even just bringing your attention to your breath. Taking a couple of slow deep breaths is a good start.
  • Make a list about everything that you are grateful for in your life or even just three gratefuls.
  • Yoga postures, depending on your constitution perhaps restorative postures.
  • Getting good sleep.
  • Eating healthily.
  • Taking frequent breaks to be outside, even if just for a minute or two. If you can a walk can do wonders.
  • Mantras to help you in the moment. One of my personal is “Feel the Real” which simply means what is really happening right this very moment. Not yesterday or tomorrow but Now. It helps bring me back to the present moment.
  • Prayer or worry beads.
  • Listen to beautiful music; if you can sing or hum along. When I used to work in an office with two other people I used to sing in my head sometimes.
  • Sometimes making a list of all the to-dos racing around in your head helps.
  • Conversing with a friend or partner who isn’t going to add more to the stress heap.
  • Create something.
  • Help someone in your community.
  • Hugs, need I say more??
  • Play. What’s fun for you?

Gaining perspective helps immensely. Because we live in a global world we receive information, mostly negative, about the whole world. Many times this “news” isn’t real or some of it might be real and the rest is sensationalized. I think sometimes we need to be able to think about whether what we are stressing about is genuinely impacting our lives. Many times our emotions are engaged but does it really touch our daily life?? I’m not saying for one second we shouldn’t care what happens in the world but when it’s making us stressed and eventually sick we should take a step back.

What doesn’t work, for me at least.

  • Caffeine is one of the crutches that I have used in the past but if it’s used in anyway but sparingly it hurts more than it helps.
  • Letting my monkey mind go unchecked. The longer it’s allowed to run rampant the harder it is to capture and calm.
  • Going down the rabbit hole of bad news. Try to just disengage. Find some way to re-direct yourself.
  • Having a complaint-fest with your partner or friend. While sometimes it can be fun usually it’s an unproductive emotional downer.

This is by no means an all inclusive list. Just a start. Make your own list and USE it well. Peace, out.

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