There are those times, we’ve all had them, where our minds scream, “ I NEED HYGGE STAT!”  There are a number of practices that can be used to help reconnect with your sense of hygge.  But what about products?  Hygge Renewal, is all about helping you find the things that will work for you.  We want your life to flow with the sense of joyous ease and comfort that is hygge.  We love to share the things that have helped us.

Before I share this one with you, there are a couple of things you need to know about me to understand the value I place on this product.

The first is that a few years ago, thanks to the brilliance of my wife, I was able to greatly improve my health through diet.  I may write more on that in another blog.  To give you a brief idea, I dropped about 50 pounds, without “dieting” or a lot of exercise.  I changed what I eat.  I share this with you so you’ll understand that I’m “one of those guys” who is very careful about my food choices and how they make me feel.  

The second is that I love coffee.  A good cup of hot coffee with a friend is the picture in my mind when I think about hygge.  My wife and I share a very special time each morning that we call, “coffee – tea time”. Coffee is one of my favorite drinks, and I drink good coffee.

So with that understanding, I’m pleased to recommend:

Instafuel by Laird Superfood.

Yes! It’s an instant coffee drink, BUT IT’S SO GOOD!  OK, I know.  Instant coffee typically sucks.  When I drink coffee, I either drink my own version of a Bullet Proof coffee or I drink it black.  The texture of Instafuel is like drinking a rich coffee with heavy cream.  Hygge decadence.  

Here are the ingredients from the Laird Superfood site:

Coconut Milk Powder, Organic Coconut Nectar (from the nectar of the tree blossoms), Arabica Instant Coffee Powder, Aquamin™(Calcium from Marine Algae), Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Red Palm Oil.

The site also says their palm oil is, “Sustainably grown and harvested on family farms in Ecuador, sourced from Healthy Habitats”.  That’s important to me too.

Instafuel has three big advantages for me:

1: I feel great when I use it.  Most processed foods leave me feeling pretty ill.  Like I said above, I’m one of those guys.

2: It is so simple to use.  Just a couple of tablespoons into hot water, stir, and drink. SIMPLE.  I took some with me on a business trip and loved the convenience.

3: Great sustainable energy.  Most days, I don’t eat until late in the afternoon.  With a cup of Instafuel (I make one to take to the office with me) I’m good to go.  No energy crashes and great focused energy without feeling “caffeine jittery”.

Want to know more about Laird Superfood’s Instafuel?  Check out their story:  If you love coffee and want something that is going to sustain you and help you connect with your hygge in a hurry, give it try.  Let me know what you think by leaving a comment here or on our Facebook page.
As a note; Hygge Renewal is not compensated by Laird Superfoods.  That being said if Laird Hamilton wanted to send me an autographed picture and a free bag of Instafuel, I wouldn’t send it back to him.