Getting outside for a break is good for you. Here are some reasons why:

You increase your Vitamin D levels.
Adequate levels of Vitamin D prevent or reduce chronic diseases like type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and cancer. Vitamin D fights infections. Vitamin D with calcium helps us have strong bones and teeth. Here is an excellent article from the Harvard School of Public Health if you want to read more about Vitamin D.

You get some exercise.
Most of us need to move more and while a short walk isn’t going to make you uber fit, a brisk walk will help. A study at the Saarland University showed a daily brisk walk can increase your lifespan and slow the aging process.
Here’s a link to the first of two studies by Dr. Christian Werner.

Get some fresh air.
While outdoor air is probably not as pristine as it was in the past, indoor air can be pretty unhealthy. NASA did a study about indoor plants and improving air quality. Information from the study and a list of the plants can be found in the wiki article. So maybe walk down to your nearest plants store, get some fresh air and bring some air cleaning plants back for your home or office.

Your mood will improve.
In a study by Miller and Krizan, it was found that walking that was incidental to routine activity will have a positive mood effect. As I mentioned in my post,
On Sleep and Rest, there is a theory called Attention Restoration Theory which shows that people are restored and rejuvenated by time spent in nature. Afterward, you are able to concentrate more effectively. These studies did show that nature walks were far superior to city walks at least as far as the Attention Restoration Theory effect.

You will feel more connected and centered.
At our little humble abode, we love to feed the birds and squirrels. It does such good for my soul to go out for a little break and watch all of the activity. It’s always fun to see the changing birds and the changes in the resident birds from season to season. We are blessed to have an Anna’s Hummingbird who resides year-round in our little hood. I can feel my blood pressure lower when I’m hanging with my feathered and furry friends. This is a study of me. Remember N=1. Among other subjects, I discussed N=1
Take some good breaks this week. Find some trees to walk among. Watch some birds. Feed your soul. Don’t forget to Hygge, especially your Mind…